If you work at or manage a bank or other financial institution, you may wonder how to serve your customers better and make your employees happier. Achieving this doesn’t have to be complicated. You can meet both goals by considering sound masking in your financial institution.

And no, we don’t mean piping in white noise over your PA system. Sound masking is an intricate and specialized technology that uses soft, ambient sound to make voices and other noises less distracting. Special devices are installed in your building at precise locations to maximize effectiveness.

We know you have questions, so we here at Building Systems Solutions will answer some of the most common sound masking questions.

What is Sound Masking?

So, what is sound masking? To explain simply, sound masking uses technology to add certain sounds at certain wavelengths to a room to muffle human speech. It does not affect close-up speech, but far-away conversations and noises will be less distracting.

A good sound masking system will adjust its volume based on the noise levels to keep levels of conversation steady. If a loud meeting is occurring, the sound masking device will adjust to ensure anyone nearby can still work peacefully.

Why Do Financial Institutions Need Sound Masking?

Since your financial institution works with a lot of sensitive data about personal accounts and money, you need to include sound masking to keep that data from spreading to unintended ears. Sound masking can help ensure your clients’ privacy is protected.

How Does Sound Masking Help Our Clients?

There are many ways that sound masking can help your clients and customers. Limiting the noise levels in a space will make your clients more comfortable discussing sensitive information. Sound masking will also reduce distractions, which keeps your employees focused on their clients and can make normal speech easier to understand in a close-up conversation.

The perception of your company will improve because of your client’s experience, which could potentially bring in more business. Clients will understand that you take their privacy seriously.

How Does Sound Masking Improve Company Culture?

Sound masking can improve company culture by helping employees focus and work more efficiently. With fewer distractions around them, employees can remain focused on their work. You may be surprised to learn that sound masking can boost productivity, but it's very possible.

Sound masking provides a space where everyone feels comfortable. There are many different working styles, and it can feel impossible to cater to everyone. With sound masking, your employees who need quiet can focus, while those who like conversing can talk without distracting others.

How Much Does Sound Masking Cost?

Sound masking may sound out of your budget, but it’s actually quite affordable. The cost of installing a sound masking system in your office costs approximately between $1.00-$3.00 per square foot.

What is the ROI of Sound Masking?

While we’re talking money, you may be surprised to learn that sound masking has a high ROI. With fewer distractions and better client experiences, you will see the ROI of your sound masking system quickly, all while improving other aspects of your business.

If you want to see your business’s possible ROI, check out our sound masking system ROI calculator. It will give you a better idea of how much you will get in return after installing a sound masking system.

Building Systems Solutions has the Sound Masking Technology You Need

With our Soft dB products and industry knowledge, Building Systems Solutions is your best bet when it comes to installing sound masking systems in Minnesota. We understand how to best work with your office environment to make your employees and clients happier.

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