If you’re wondering about sound masking and its benefits, first, you must know a little about what sound masking is. Here’s a brief:


●        Sound masking is the addition of a specific frequency of noise designed to mask outside conversations.

●        Sound masking systems are specifically engineered to operate in the spaces in which they’re installed; there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sound management.

●        Sound masking systems have many benefits, including protecting privacy and ensuring compliance with certain laws and increasing employee comfort.


Even with all that information, though, you might still think that your space doesn’t need a sound management system. Perhaps you think your office is quiet enough, or maybe you just encourage your employees to bring headphones to work to decrease outside distractions. You could be in an industry in which privacy is not of the utmost concern. Regardless, at the end of the day, you may think sound masking is not for you.


Allow Building Systems Solutions, an expert provider of sound masking systems, to shift your views. We’ve spent almost two decades working to improve the quality of our clients’ spaces through the use of sound management, and we know that sound masking is a much more versatile tool than many businesses might think. Below, we’ll discuss some out-of-the-box spaces that could make use of this technology.

Sound Masking is for a Variety of Spaces

Sound masking systems, as stated above, can be customized to fit virtually any space. There are few physical limitations pertaining to who is able to install sound masking technology. Sound masking can be used for any space where


●        Worker stress must be kept low | It’s impossible to work in an environment full of audible distractions; your workers could easily become stressed that they cannot perform at their best. When you cannot afford to compromise on your worker’s comfort levels, sound masking comes to the rescue.

●        Worker productivity must be kept high | Distracted workers are damaging to your bottom line. In your space, if employees must work efficiently at all times, sound masking can and will help.

●        Customer comfort is a priority | Even if you aren’t obligated by law to protect the privacy of your customers’ conversations, sound masking can still create a quiet space in which your clients will feel at ease.

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