As a business owner, you no doubt care about productivity—and you should! Nothing is worse than a lackadaisical team, and getting things done is what keeps your business afloat. However, you’re probably also concerned with worker comfort. For one, an uncomfortable team is an unproductive team, and it’s difficult for your workers to speak positively about your company if their working environment is dreadful. As a human being, you also care about the welfare and productivity of your employees. You probably want their working environment to be as quiet and distraction-free as possible simply because it cuts down on stress. In today’s trying times, any way that you, as a business, can minimize employee stress should be investigated!


In a previous blog post, we talked about how sound masking can boost productivity, but we at Building Systems Solutions are also here to say that it can boost worker comfort, too. Below, we’ll dive into how proper sound management and the right sound masking systems can create a working environment in which your employees feel at home.

To Understand How it Comforts, You Must Understand How Sound Masking Works

Essentially, sound masking is the muffling of distracting vocal noises—outside conversations and the like—via the projection of sound that is engineered to do so. Unlike white noise machines, sound management systems that use sound masking are specifically made to only damper human speech, making them useful for environments in which a worker might need to hear other sound cues, such as alarms or cell-phone notifications, in order to do their job.


Sound masking can do wonders for productivity, as we’ve said, but it also helps ensure your workers’ comfort.


●        They can feel safe having private conversations | If for whatever reason, privacy comes into play in your workplace, your employees can rest easy knowing their conversations are protected with sound masking. By stopping sound from being heard from a certain distance away, sound masking helps workers feel confident that confidential information is protected.

●        Sound masking provides a space where everyone can feel comfortable | Some people work best with no noise at all, while others need background sounds. By providing an environment with relatively few outside noises, you give all workers the opportunity to do their jobs in a stress-free zone—those who require more noise can simply use headphones.

●        Sound masking gives your workers relief after a potentially noisy commute | Whether your workers use public transport or fight with traffic each morning, you, as an employer, can provide them with respite from their commute-related stress as soon as they step in your building.

Building Systems Solutions Has The Tech You Need For Comfortable and Happy Workers

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