Money: It’s a common concern these days for businesses everywhere. In the wake of a public health crisis, many have been forced to tighten their belts and make do with what they have. Others are frantically constructing plans to get them out of such a situation. They’re investing money in new infrastructure or more employees to try and set their business apart from other floundering ones. Times can be tough.

Where does this leave room for business upgrades like a sound masking system? You know all about the benefits of this technology for your business, either by doing your independent research or reading our handy blog post about the pros of sound management systems

You understand how this revolutionary and useful technology can help your team and your company’s bottom line, but is it in the budget? Now that a tight budget is a survival tool, you might not consider sound masking a priority. 

Leave it to our team at Building Systems Solutions to explain why there’s always room in the budget for sound masking. 

ROI of Sound Masking

Sound management has many benefits, including boosting worker productivity, improving client satisfaction, and providing speech privacy that heightens worker comfort.

This is what makes sound masking have such a high ROI. Because your employees can be more productive without constant audible distractions, it is possible to see the ROI of sound masking sooner than you might think. 

The cost of installing a sound masking system can cost between $1.00-$3.00 per square foot. When broken down this way, you can see the potential ROI much clearer than having an initial sticker shock. 

Building Systems Solutions has a handy sound masking system ROI calculator that can help you get a base estimate of the ROI of your potential sound masking system. Just enter your percentage of production increase, average annual employee salary, annual average employee indirect expense, number of employees, and the square feet requiring masking. 

Choosing the Right Sound Masking Equipment Matters

Sound masking is different than white noise, making sound masking a much better choice for your office. Unlike white noise machines, sound masking doesn’t sound like it’s coming from one spot in the office, which helps keep the noise in the background. 

When choosing the right sound masking equipment, there are a few things to remember. The right sound masking equipment is not obvious to the naked eye, meaning it should blend seamlessly into your office. 

Sound masking should also be flexible so that the right sound masking equipment will adjust its levels depending on the amount of noise in the office at any given time. Building Systems Solutions recommends Soft dB products, which constantly monitor the room's noise and adjust accordingly. 

Sound masking equipment should also help meet speech privacy regulations if needed. If your business needs to meet HIPPA or GLBA regulations, you can bring in the right sound masking equipment to help reach those regulations. 

So Does Finding the Right Sound Masking Company

Choosing the right sound masking company is just as important as choosing the right equipment. The right sound masking company is professional, compassionate, and solution-oriented. When we say “professional,” it means more than how someone dresses. A professional is an excellent communicator and clearly shows you the solutions they suggest for your unique situation. 

A compassionate sound masking company also understands that sound masking means working with people and understanding how they work. Compassion helps ensure that the solutions provided will take employees and clients into account. 

Solution-oriented sound masking companies want to provide you with the best solution possible without too many “used car salesman” tactics. They want to provide you with the best solutions possible for your business. 

How We Make Sound Masking Cost-Effective

You need an efficient sound masking system that does everything you need it to – nothing more, nothing less. After all, you don’t want to pay for features you’ll never use. 

By defining your sound masking needs, our attentive and straightforward staff will break down exactly what efficiency means for you, which eliminates unnecessary items, streamlines things where possible, and, in the end, saves you money. 

Understanding and working with your needs to save you money regarding sound masking is a multifaceted objective. Here’s a snapshot of how we handle it.

Design a Custom System Made for You 

All buildings are different, and all businesses are different. Our talented professionals create sound management solutions tailored to your space, employees, and client requirements. No need to pay for a sound masking system that doesn’t do its job!

Some types of spaces that benefit from sound masking systems include: 

  • Financial and Law Services

  • Government Offices

  • Public Libraries

  • Call Centers

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Hotels

These places and other industries have a need for privacy, so sound masking is the perfect way to incorporate another level of privacy for clients

Operate With Honesty

We’ll tell you straight up if we aren’t the right company to satisfy your business’s unique needs. Stringing you along is a big waste of time – and we all know time is money.

Support Your Goals

If one of those goals is using sound masking to save money, we’re behind you 100%. Your business’s success is our business’s success.

It seems the Coronavirus pandemic will still be a part of our lives for a while, which means continued challenges for American businesses in 2021. If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably been cutting costs where you can, minimizing your spending in an effort to shore up your financial defenses. Now, you may think it’s not the time for any office renovations like sound masking.

We at Building Systems Solutions truly understand your concern – we’re a business, too – but we’re here to help you breathe a little easier. Some advice from a company just like yours: Now isn’t the time to cut out all expenditures. 

In fact, the right sound management system can help buoy your business above the stormy seas, helping you come out of these troubling times more financially sound.

Why Purchase Sound Management Systems Now?

If your business doesn’t need speech privacy testing to fulfill OSHA requirements, you might think that sound masking systems are some sort of luxury. But as people who have devoted our lives to the pursuit of quality sound management, we know otherwise. 

Sound masking is far from frivolous. It’s a business-boosting investment that sets your building apart – something that your company really needs right now to keep its head above water in the uncertain future.

Attract More Clients 

With the relaxing environment a sound masking system creates, your business will differentiate itself from any noisy or disorganized competitors. Clients will notice the serenity of your space and be eager to return

Sound masking helps a group of people work together more effectively because fewer other distractions are pulling them away from the task at hand. It is difficult to concentrate in crowded rooms, so sound masking can make that less obtrusive. Sound masking can also help waiting rooms feel more peaceful while clients wait. 

When your clients feel at peace and confident in your ability to keep their information private, they’ll feel better about you and your company. Word-of-mouth is still a very effective way to get new clients, so give your current clients something positive to talk about. 

Boost Worker Productivity

If you’re still wondering how sound masking boosts worker productivity, we’d be happy to explain. Workers who aren’t distracted by noise are more productive. 

It’s common sense! You’ll need a productive workforce to power you through these tenuous times. It’s time to seriously consider sound masking.

Enhance Worker Comfort 

The fact of the matter is that people are stressed right now. As a business owner, the least you can do for your employees is provide them with a bit of solace. 

Having a space where employees feel they can have a private conversation will make them happier and more productive in the long run. That’s why boosting worker comfort through sound masking is becoming more popular. 

Contact Us for Comprehensive Sound Management Technologies

We get it – you want to conserve cash right now. That’s why, to make this a feasible project for your business, you must work with a company that will work within your parameters: Building Systems Solutions. 

Based in the Twin Cities, we are passionate about improving other people’s spaces. Our facility sound systems address safety, communication, and privacy concerns for businesses of all types and sizes. 

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