Why Emergency Warning and Paging Systems are Important

Proper emergency preparation can mean the difference between life and death for your employees and customers in the event of an emergency situation. Whether the emergency is a medical, safety, security, or weather-related incident, the ability to quickly and clearly inform staff of the emergency and coordinate the appropriate action plan verbally is critical to ensuring everyone’s safety.

Emergency warning and paging systems are integral parts of any facility’s emergency preparation plan. The systems designed by Building Systems Solutions are able to deliver highly intelligible emergency messages and tones to employees and customers in the event of an evacuation or other emergency. Contact us today for more information.

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Designing Emergency Warning Paging Systems

Our custom-designed emergency warning systems are engineered for your facility’s unique needs.

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emergency warning systems.

Emergency Warning System Intelligibility Testing

We provide voice intelligibility testing services to determine if your emergency messages are intelligible for all staff.

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OSHA Employee Warning Systems Regulations

We can help ensure that all employees are protected and that you are in full compliance with OSHA standards.

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In addition to their designated function as emergency communication devices, our emergency warning and paging systems are capable of playing background music and broadcasting important announcements during the normal work day. For more information give us a call at 763-502-1515, or fill out the contact form here.

How does an emergency warning and paging system work?

An emergency warning and paging system is comprised of the following components:

  • Emergency Activation Console
    Activates emergency messages and tones throughout buildings.
  • Supervised and Monitored Speaker System
    Delivers clear, concise messages and tones.
  • Delivery of Signals and Messages
    Signals and messages can be delivered via text message to cell phones and two-way radio systems.
  • Fully Networked
    System can be networked to cover multiple buildings and sites.
  • Centralized Computer
    A central computer can monitor, supervise, and make changes to the system.

Building Systems Solutions provides custom designed emergency warning systems for all of your facilities communications needs. Contact us today to find out more!

New technology allows emergency warning and paging systems to function on campuses and off-site environments. Emergency messages and signals can be distributed corporate-wide or to a single facility. A single workstation or multiple workstations can receive notifications of any failures within systems.

New emergency warning and paging systems are designed to be supervised and monitored over existing computer networks. Computer-aided design software ensures that each building has a system that can deliver intelligible messages and tones throughout a facility or facilities and meets the latest safety codes.

These systems can deliver messages and tones via two-way radios and cell phones, ensuring that outside employees are notified of emergency conditions. Contact us to get a quote.

Yes, in most cases we can design a new emergency warning system using some of your existing system components. Contact us for more details.

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Building Systems Solutions provides custom designed emergency warning systems for all of your facilities communications needs. Contact us today to find out more!

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