Office Sound Masking Systems

Is noise making it difficult to concentrate at work? Can you hear private conversations from 50 feet away? We can help. At Building Systems Solutions, we provide facility sound systems that address safety, communication, and privacy concerns for companies and spaces of all types and sizes. Let us show you how our sound masking systems can reduce distractions and improve productivity in your space – schedule a demo today!

Soft Db Products

Soft dB offers the only adaptive sound masking system on the market today. It automatically shapes the masking spectrum to match the acoustics of a space.

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Sound Masking Systems FAQS

Sound masking systems emit subtle ambient sound – similar to the sound of air flow – through a loudspeaker system to muffle conversations and other noise distractions.

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Good vs. Bad Sound Masking

We understand each space has its own unique acoustic characteristics that require a different masking spectrum to provide optimum privacy and productivity.

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ROI of Sound Masking

Adding a sound masking system to your facility yields a significant return-on-investment through increased employee productivity.

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Privacy Testing

Testing your facility for speech privacy standards can help show due diligence in compliance with national speech privacy regulations like HIPAA.

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Speech Privacy Regulations

Building Systems Solutions can design and install a customized sound masking system that will ensure the privacy of your patients or clients.

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The Sounds of the Changing Work Environment

With advances in technology and communication tools, modern work spaces function much differently than the paper-driven offices of the past. They also look quite different. Many companies have moved from mostly closed office arrangements to open floor plans in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and promote a more collaborative work environment. While this trend quickly became popular, it wasn’t long before we discovered the challenges of an open office plan. Among the biggest complaints from employees? Sound.

Most offices face one or more of these sound problems:

  • The office space is too loud and disruptive, because sound travels freely throughout the space without barriers to stop it.
  • The office is too quiet because there is no background noise; people can hear every word, laugh, or sneeze from their co-workers.
  • Private conversations (HR, legal, HIPPA confidential) need better protection.

At Building Systems Solutions, we are passionate about improving other people’s spaces. Our owner, Megan Nord, addresses how a sound masking system can be used to treat these issues in an article for the Minnesota Real Estate Journal. Read the Article.

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Want to learn more about office sound masking systems or schedule a demonstration? Give us a call at 763-502-1515, or fill out the contact form here.

Words From Satisfied Customers

We have worked with BSS on several sound masking projects for our clients with successful results. The process begins with a well-designed layout and an accurate budget. That way the client knows exactly what they are getting and can adjust as needed. Their team is responsive and great to work with during the install process. After install BSS schedules a tutorial with the client on how to use their new sound masking system. Because BSS is a leader in product and design the client receives an intuitive system thus another satisfied client.

Heather Weerheim

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