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Adaptive Sound Masking Technology

Building Systems Solutions is a regional representative for Soft dB, a company that manufactures its own DSP-based sound masking and industrial acoustic systems. Unlike other sound masking systems that need to be adjusted manually, the Soft dB Sound Masking System is adaptive to the real-time conditions in the space. It constantly monitors the ambient noise levels, and makes automatic adjustments to compensate for any changes.

Because sound is energy, whenever a noise source, like a human voice, passes through a masking sound wave, it is dissipated and loses energy and intelligibility. This makes it possible for conversations to be held at normal volume levels and not be intelligible beyond 15 or 20 feet in open space. It also makes it possible to achieve speech confidentiality in closed areas like offices or patient rooms. Read more about sound masking.

Building Systems Solutions has been a valued partner of Soft dB since 2005 and we are Soft dB's largest representative in the United States! Contact us today to get a schedule a demo.

How It Works

The video below shows how the Soft dB Sound Masking System works.

To learn more about what sound masking is and where it is utilized, please visit our Sound Masking FAQs page. Ready to get started? Please reach out to us via phone or email.

Sound Masking Components

The Soft dB Sound Masking System has three main components: the sensors, a controller, and the speakers.

The sensors in the Soft dB Sound Masking System constantly monitor the ambient noise levels in your space. When they sense the noise levels have increased or decreased, the sensors send a message to the Soft dB SMS-NET controller, which automatically adjusts the system’s sound levels to compensate for the change.

The Soft dB SMS-NET controller emits a sound spectrum that covers the range of human hearing into the space through a system of speakers installed in the plenum of the ceiling. When the noise level goes up, the sensors tell the Soft dB SMS-NET controller to increase the sound masking. During less active periods, the Soft dB SMS-NET controller adjusts the sound masking to become more discreet.

The Soft dB Sound Masking System utilizes a series of speakers per channel, and are typically installed within the plenum space of a building's ceiling. In most facilities, the speakers are pointed upward, directing the output of the speaker towards the deck and thus diffusing the sound through the ceiling tile or through an open plenum space.

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Sound Masking Systems FAQs

Who can benefit from sound masking?

Sound masking can benefit any company or organization that:

  • Is concerned with the acoustical comfort of their work environment.
  • Wants to increase the productivity of its employees.
  • Needs to provide oral privacy and customer confidentiality, such as health care facilities, financial institutions, insurance companies, and law firms.

Find more answers to Sound Masking Systems FAQs here.

Good vs Bad Sound Masking

Yes. Unfortunately, bad sound masking is a thing.

Each space has its own unique acoustic characteristics that require a different masking spectrum to provide optimum privacy and productivity. If a system is limited to a single masking spectrum, it can only address one acoustic characteristic. This results in spaces with different acoustics to be covered with a spectrum that does not provide the optimum in privacy and productivity.

This would be a bad sound masking system, or at the very least, an ineffective system. That’s why Building Systems Solutions uses state-of-the-art technology that measures the acoustics of a space and configures a spectrum that matches each individual space’s acoustics to ensure optimal privacy and productivity. Learn more.

The ROI of Sound Masking

Increased Employee Productivity = Increased ROI

Adding sound masking to a facility yields a significant return-on-investment through increased employee productivity. A study by the Data Management Association found that open-plan workplaces that lack sound masking systems experience a 40 percent loss in productivity and 27 percent more errors. Read more.

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Based in the Twin Cities, Building Systems Solutions has built a reputation on the quality of our products, the level of service we provide to our customers, and our knowledge and expertise in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about how the Soft dB Sound Masking System can improve privacy and productivity in your workplace, contact us today to schedule a demo.

Words From Satisified Customers

We have worked with BSS on several sound masking projects for our clients with successful results. The process begins with a well-designed layout and an accurate budget. That way the client knows exactly what they are getting and can adjust as needed. Their team is responsive and great to work with during the install process. After install BSS schedules a tutorial with the client on how to use their new sound masking system. Because BSS is a leader in product and design the client receives an intuitive system thus another satisfied client.

Heather Weerheim
Greiner Construction