Emergency Warning System Intelligibility Testing

Intelligibility Testing Can Help You Comply with ISO, ASTM, and ANSI Standards

Providing intelligible communication to employees during an emergency situation saves lives and reduces risk for a company. But how do you know for certain that your staff is able to hear and understand the emergency warnings?

Building Systems Solutions provides voice intelligibility testing services to determine if your emergency messages are intelligible for all staff within a facility. We can evaluate your current emergency warning and paging system to make sure all devices are operating correctly, messages are intelligible, and all areas within a facility are covered adequately. Give us a call at 763-502-1515, or fill out the contact form here to get started.

OSHA Regulations for Employee Warning Systems

Some facilities must satisfy Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards that require employers to install employee alarm systems. Building Systems Solutions can custom design an employee warning system for your facility that covers the entire building, ensuring that all employees are protected and that you are in full compliance with OSHA standards. Contact us today to get started!

OSHA requires that Emergency Warning Systems:

  • Can be heard above ambient noise levels.
  • Have a distinctive and recognizable signal used only in emergencies.
  • Give emergency messages priority over non-emergency communications if the emergency warning system is integrated with a paging system.
  • Be tested every two months for reliability and adequacy.
  • Are supervised, if applicable, and alert personnel if a defect exists in the system.

OSHA requires that all employers develop and implement Employee Emergency Response Plans that include an emergency alert system. Studies have shown that systems that utilize voice instructions as an alarm signal are more effective at disseminating emergency information than systems that use a siren.

International Standard ISO 7731 requires that the alarm signal be above 15 dB to eliminate interference from background noise, but also notes that an alarm that reaches 30 dB within half a second can startle employees and should be avoided.

Building Systems Solutions will test the ambient noise levels in your office space and use the data to build a custom employee warning system that complies with OSHA standards and shows due diligence in providing for your employees’ safety. Schedule a consultation today.

How Does an Emergency Warning and Paging System Work?

An emergency warning and paging system is comprised of the following components:

  • Emergency Activation Console
    Activates emergency messages and tones throughout buildings.
  • Supervised and Monitored Speaker System
    Delivers clear, concise messages and tones.
  • Delivery of Signals and Messages
    Signals and messages can be delivered via text message to cell phones and two-way radio systems.
  • Fully Networked
    System can be networked to cover multiple buildings and sites.
  • Centralized Computer
    A central computer can monitor, supervise, and make changes to the system.

Building Systems Solutions can identify your building’s unique acoustical needs during initial testing and design a system that will maximize the effectiveness of your message. Contact us today to get started!

Add a Sound Masking System

Along with emergency warning and paging systems, Building Systems Solutions provides facility sound systems that address safety, communication, and privacy concerns in offices of all types and sizes. Sound masking is a technology that adds background sound to a space to reduce noise distractions, cover private conversations, and create a more comfortable environment. If you’re interested in adding a sound masking system along with an emergency warning and paging system, please contact us for more details.

Contact Us to Ensure You Meet Emergency Warning System Standards

A voice intelligibility test conducted by Building Systems Solutions identifies your space’s compliance with ISO, ASTM, and ANSI standards. We will use the results of your test to design and install a customized emergency warning system – or upgrade an existing system – that will ensure the safety of all your employees and meet these codes. To get started, please give us a call at 763-502-1515, or fill out the contact form here.

Words From Satisified Customers

We have worked with BSS on several sound masking projects for our clients with successful results. The process begins with a well-designed layout and an accurate budget. That way the client knows exactly what they are getting and can adjust as needed. Their team is responsive and great to work with during the install process. After install BSS schedules a tutorial with the client on how to use their new sound masking system. Because BSS is a leader in product and design the client receives an intuitive system thus another satisfied client.

Heather Weerheim
Greiner Construction