There’s a reason that businesses the state over, from colleges to financial institutions, are investing in high-quality sound masking systems. More accurately, there are reasons. Proper sound management is beneficial for your customers and employees alike, making it a great way to make your business stand out from the competition.


Understanding the benefits of sound masking first requires an understanding of the concept itself. Let’s go over the technology involved, along with what it can do for your business, no matter the industry.

Sound Masking: A Multipurpose Tool

Sound masking is essentially the nullification of background noise through the addition of specialized noise. The result is a quiet space. While this might seem like a slightly backwards approach, in reality, it isn’t. Countless businesses, like financial institutions and hospitals, rely on this technology for consumer privacy, lest they fail to meet their legal obligations and land themselves in hot water.


Aside from the enhanced privacy specialized sound masking can provide, the tech comes with additional benefits, including:


●        Increased Employee Productivity

Have you ever donned a pair of noise-canceling headphones and marveled at how efficiently you could then work? When done right, sound masking can have much the same effect. It prevents your workers from getting distracted by conversations across the office, allowing them to settle in and focus on their jobs.


●        Greater Employee Comfort

We’ve all been in a situation where noise is so loud that it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. While everyone’s tolerance for noise is different, there’s a strong chance someone in your office or facility doesn’t appreciate the noise levels. If you have employees who actually work better with more noise, they can simply listen to music through their headphones. Sound masking gives everyone the chance to be comfortable in their workspace.


●        Increased Privacy

With a sound masking system present, businesses are able to better protect private conversations because they become unintelligible. People will be able to tell that a conversation is happening, but they will not be able to make out the words. This not only helps protect private conversations, but also keeps distractions to a minimum for other employees.


If your organization is in an industry where oral privacy is a necessity, such as in the health care, financial, or legal fields, testing your facility for speech privacy standards can help show due diligence in compliance with national speech privacy regulations like HIPAA.

Ready to Invest in Sound Masking? Building System Solutions is Here to Help

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