Office layouts are all individuals, just like the teams that inhabit them. While a gregarious, collaborative group might benefit from a spacious, airy room, a group full of introverts might appreciate a more cubicle-centric approach—or at least an office where they can retreat somewhere to get some much-needed thinking time.

No matter your team’s nature, though, sound masking remains a wonderful investment in its productivity and well-being. Building Systems Solutions, your Blaine provider of state-of-the-art sound management systems and Soft dB products, touches on just a few office types that can make great use of this tech.

The Open Office Plan

Becoming more and more trendy thanks to their fostering collaboration and socialization, open office plans are the perfect fit for the chatty team. However, with the lack of walls, constant talking, and lack of isolated spaces, working in such an office can be draining for even the most extroverted employee.

That’s why sound masking systems work so well for these spaces. In fact, we’ve written a whole blog on it: “How to Make Sound More Comfortable for All in an Open Office Plan.” Check it out for the full scoop! The short version: because it provides the option to work in both a quiet or collaborative atmosphere, sound management systems let workers choose where they’re most productive and at-ease.

The Enclosed Office Plan

Spaces that value privacy often need to take expensive routes to ensure that privacy—like additional soundproofing infrastructure. These businesses can save a ton of money with a customized, acoustically targeted sound-masking system. Thanks to the tech’s extensive effectiveness, scalability, and ROI, those who need privacy can say goodbye to constant infrastructure investments and hello to seamless sound management solutions.

The Activity-Based Workspace

Functioning somewhat like a college campus on a smaller scale, these office plans practice a roving approach to work, where nobody has assigned seats and everyone is free to sit where they please. This can lead to a space that’s either extremely quiet or incredibly loud—and a headache for workers who don’t know what to expect. A sound masking system with real-time adjustability, like those made by Soft dB, can counter this and maintain an office-wide state of comfort, no matter how noisy things get!

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