For most businesses, return on investment is one of the main ways to understand the value of a product or service. If your company is considering sound masking, you’ll be glad to know that its ROI is particularly high—just check out our sound masking system ROI calculator and see for yourself!

What makes sound masking such a phenomenal investment? Several notable advantages that can help you make your money back in no time––and then some!

Sound Management Boosts Worker Productivity

So much so that the metric has an individual dollar amount on the ROI calculator—and so much so that we’ve written an entire blog post about it: “How Does Sound Masking Increase Productivity?”

Indeed, boosted productivity levels are one of the top benefits of this wonderful technology. Everyone concentrates better when they can adjust the ambient noise level to suit their individual needs.

Plus, with sound masking’s handy ability to reduce the distraction of faraway office chatter, your workers can more easily settle down to get the job done.

The Right Sound Management System Boosts Client Satisfaction

We’ve written a blog post on that, too: “Sound Masking and Client Satisfaction: How Are They Linked?”.

To paraphrase, because sound masking creates a peaceful ambiance that allows you to better tend to customers, they will leave your facility satisfied, whether that facility is a government space, a hospital, or an office building.

Should the need arise to discuss delicate, confidential situations, the right sound management system can also allow you to do so in a truly quiet space that allows for maximum sensitivity.

Speech Privacy’s ROI Comes From Worker Comfort

Comfortable workers are productive workers—and before you ask, yes, we’ve written about that subject, too. Check out our speech privacy system blog, “How Sound Masking Increases Worker Comfort.”

In short, because your team will love coming to work in a relaxing space that caters to privacy when needed, you’ll reap benefits in the form of a better bottom line.

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