Sound masking is a phenomenal investment in your business’s success. As we’ve proven in our sound managing blog, “How Sound Masking Increases Worker Comfort,” it makes for a more relaxed, focused, and overall more productive workforce. In addition, in our sound management systems blog “Sound Masking and Client Satisfaction: How They Are Linked,” we demonstrated that the right sound management system’s benefits extend beyond employees to customers, as well.

The benefits of proper sound management are not accidental nor random. They’re the results of careful science and engineering—which is why it’s all the more important to be careful about whom you hire to install your sound masking system.

How Sound Masking Happens

Vastly oversimplifying things, sound masking is the process of adding targeted sounds to a room that work to muffle human speech. It does this by exactly matching the frequencies, or pitch, of conversation, and projecting those sounds into the room.

By raising the background noise while remaining unobtrusive, sound masking makes faraway conversations less intelligible while up-close speech remains unaffected. It’s a bit like what happens when you try to talk to someone while they wash the dishes. If you’re close to them, you can converse easily, but stand across the kitchen from them and they become unintelligible. Likewise, you aren’t bothered by the noise of the sink—it’s just in the background, just like sound masking is.

Why This Science Requires Care

Though sound masking may sound simple in our explanation, in reality the noise your sound management system uses is incredibly targeted. Every space has its own unique characteristics that require the tweaking and fine-tuning of your system for maximum inconspicuousness. Poor sound masking is, in fact, audible, and more distracting than soothing!

On top of that, a good sound masking system will wax and wane its operations in real time depending on the noise levels of the space. Sound masking that does not—in other words, that isn’t technologically top-notch or well-installed—is downright ineffective, as it remains unaware of the real-time needs of that room.

The installation of sound masking, therefore, requires careful design and sensitive technology—two things that we at Building Systems Solutions are more than willing to provide.

Building Systems Solutions: Here for All Your Sound Management Needs

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