Sound masking is truly a wondrous thing; it increases worker productivity, fosters privacy, and all around makes your office a better space to be in. That being said, just like with any piece of sound management technology, there are times that things can go wrong with your sound masking system. Whether it’s due to sloppy installation or simple system age, it’s regardless quite frustrating—so what should you do?


While a visit from the pros at Building Systems Solutions should clear up any issues, below we present a small troubleshooting guide for the sound management system owner in need of an immediate fix.

My Sound Masking System Performs Inconsistently

Do your office noise levels rise and fall throughout the day, your sound masking neglecting to dampen them? This could, of course, be due to a mechanical problem, but it also can simply be due to your system not adjusting itself to the noise of your space.


Typical sound masking systems operate at a stagnant level, which is established after a couple visits from the installer; if you want to adjust them to fit a loud office space, you’ll need to do so manually. In other words, inconsistent performance can simply be a matter of your sound management installation not being “smart” enough.


You’ll never have this issue with Soft dB sound masking products, though; they’re able to change levels automatically and on their own for optimal performance.

I Can Hear my Sound Masking System

At best, this means your sound masking system has been improperly fitted to your space—at worst, it might mean you don’t have a sound masking system at all!


Sound masking, when done right, is hardly noticeable. If it makes a sound at all, it will be that of a soft hum. White noise, on the other hand, is much more audible. It sounds somewhat like a hiss and is not engineered to muffle human speech like sound masking is. The two are often confused, so check to make sure that you don’t have one when you think you have the other.

Since I’ve Renovated my Office, my Sound Masking System Is on the Fritz

Because sound masking systems are always calibrated to fit a specific space, they’ll need to be adjusted if you choose to change that space. This problem’s as easy to solve as calling your sound masking company and setting up an appointment.

Building Systems Solutions: Blaine Providers of Quality Sound Masking

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