If you work in an industry that prioritizes safety, you’re probably already familiar with paging systems, or at least you can guess what they do by their name. You probably also know why such a device would be useful: by informing building occupants of an incoming emergency like a fire or burglary.


Indeed, emergency paging systems seem quite straightforward in many respects, but putting a label on such a broad category of devices is anything but. Learn more about the identifiers and uses of emergency notification systems for businesses from Building Systems Solutions, your Blaine partners in sound management.

Emergency Warning Systems Fit Your Business

What works for one space might not work for another, and that’s why what an emergency warning and paging system is, per se, varies depending on where it’s used.


For example, a retail store might use their emergency paging system outside of its function as a warning device to call a manager across the store for client assistance. A manufacturing building, on the other hand, might find the most use out of this type of sound management when needing to notify workers of a machine malfunction for safety’s sake.


At the end of the day, though, an emergency warning system should satisfy an important and individualized communication need. Whether that need is primarily for paging or as a failsafe emergency notification system is subjective.

Emergency Warning Systems Are Clear

An emergency in a facility causes enough stress. Flashing lights and alarms only add an extra layer of ambiguity which creates even more anxiety!


To truly qualify as an emergency warning system, or even a paging system, your sound management device must provide clear and straightforward instructions like we engineer ours to do. Otherwise, a well-intentioned installation can make a dire situation much worse.

OSHA Intelligibility Requirements May Come Into Play

Some industries even are subject to OSHA requirements dictating how an emergency warning system must convey its message. These requirements ensure clarity and efficacy, two characteristics an emergency warning system must have. If your business is subject to these requirements, obviously an emergency warning system must fit this by-the-book definition to even be worthy of being called such.

Building Systems Solutions: Here for All Your Sound Management Needs

We understand that emergency warning and paging systems should be molded to suit your business, and that’s why we prioritize customizable installations and friendly, attentive service.


If your business is in need of a sound management overhaul, give our Blaine office a call now at 763-502-1515.