It seems the Coronavirus pandemic will still be a part of our lives for a while, which means continued challenges for American businesses in 2021. If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably been cutting costs where you can, minimizing your spending in an effort to shore up your financial defenses. Now, you may think, is not the time for any office renovations like sound masking.


We at Building Systems Solutions truly understand your concern – we’re a business too – but we’re here to help you breathe a little easier. Some advice from a company just like yours: Now isn’t the time to cut out all expenditures. In fact, the right sound management system can help buoy your business above the stormy seas, helping you come out of these troubling times more financially sound.

Why Purchase Sound Management Systems Now?

If your business isn’t one of those that needs speech privacy testing to fulfil OSHA requirements, you might think sound masking systems to be a sort of luxury. But as people who have devoted our lives to the pursuit of quality sound management, we know otherwise.


Sound masking is far from frivolous. It’s a business-boosting investment that sets your building apart – something that your company really needs right now to keep its head above water in the uncertain future.

Sound masking helps your company draw more clients.

With the relaxing environment a sound masking system creates, your business will differentiate itself from any noisy or disorganized competitors. Clients will notice the serenity of your space and be eager to return.

Sound masking boosts worker productivity.

We’ve written an entire post about this on our sound management blog, but here’s the gist: Workers who aren’t distracted by noise are more productive.


It’s common sense! You’ll need a productive workforce to power you through these tenuous times. It’s time to seriously consider sound masking.


Sound masking boosts worker comfort.

Again, this is a sound masking topic we’ve covered, but the fact of the matter is that people are stressed right now. As a business owner, the least you can do for your employees is provide them a bit of solace.

Contact Us for Comprehensive Sound Management Technologies

We get it – you want to conserve cash right now. That’s why, to make this a feasible project for your business, you have to work with a company that will work within your parameters: Building Systems Solutions.


Based in the Twin Cities, we are passionate about improving other people’s spaces. Our facility sound systems address safety, communication, and privacy concerns for businesses of all types and sizes. Give our Blaine office a call today at 763-502-1515.