As with any industry, the sphere of sound management services and technology has both good and bad businesses. In other words, there will be businesses, like Building System Solutions, who work hard on their technologies and deliver on their promise of great sound masking systems, and there will be businesses that are all talk and no action. Therefore, as a possible buyer of an office sound masking system, it’s helpful to understand what makes any given sound masking system “good” or “bad” from an engineering perspective. All companies will try to sell their hardware as “the best in the business,” so it’s important to be able to discern the truth.


Of course, this is easier said than done, but Building System Solutions is here to help. Below, we discuss two common expectations for a quality sound masking system, as well as how our products fulfill them.

Sound Masking Systems Should Be Specific, Yet Flexible

Breaking down an entire technological innovation is a little hard to do in the span of a single blog post. However, every sound masking company prides itself on different features of its systems, and there’s plenty of innovation in the industry. However, our team at Building Systems Solutions firmly believe that all good sound masking systems should be:


●        Specific to the space they’re in | Every space, from an acoustic perspective, works differently. In layman's terms, this means that your sound masking system should be customized to fit your business’s given space. To put this into a metaphor, think about an electric guitar. It would need to be turned up to a different volume to sound the same in a practice room as it would in an amphitheater. Sound needs to be engineered and tinkered with to create the desired effect in any given area, and sound masking systems are no different. At Building Systems Solutions, we use only the best technology to measure the acoustics of your space and customize a sound masking system that will best fit your unique environmental needs.

●        Flexible enough to deal with changing environmental noises | Your campus is bound to be noisier at certain points of the day than others, and your sound masking system will need to adjust its own volume to compensate. Traditional systems might be able to adjust a few times per day to compensate, but they don’t compare to our Soft dB Products, which constantly monitor the room’s noise levels and adjust accordingly.


Improve Worker Productivity and Confidentiality with Sound Masking Systems from Building Systems Solutions

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