The sound masking system market is saturated with brands and installation methods. Even if your business has decided that smart sound management is right for you, it can therefore feel nearly impossible to figure out the right model!

Building Systems Solutions is here to help. We’re sound masking pros with over a decade of experience in the industry, and we’ve designed countless sound management systems for businesses just like yours. We hands-down recommend Soft dB sound masking products for all of our customers, and below, we’ll explain exactly why.

Soft dB Sound Masking Adjusts to a Space in Real Time

After installation, most sound systems are “calibrated” by your sound masking company. This means that their functioning levels are set by a hired team at certain points in the workday, with the thought being that that set of points will ensure optimal performance.

While it’s a logical line of thinking, it unfortunately falls short when put into practice. Workplaces aren’t static, predictable things with noise levels that can be generalized and boiled down into data. Instead, they’re living, fluctuating spaces that need a sound management system to adjust to the noise levels automatically and in real time.

Soft dB products allow for just this capability—which the brand calls “adaptive volume"—making them a great fit for open floor plans, busy buildings, or anyone who is looking for a more sensible sound masking solution.

Do I Still Have Control Over my Sound Masking System?

Of course, your office space’s noise levels can’t be predicted on a moment-to-moment basis—merely reacted to. But With Soft dB Products, you still have all the functionality and control of traditional sound masking systems. You can schedule the volume to increase or decrease at a certain time each and every day of the week.

Many clients take comfort in their ability to manually control the workings of their system; others enjoy being able to know ahead of time what their machine will be doing. Regardless of your motive, Soft dB sound masking systems provide both traditional control opportunities and modernized ones, making it the best of both worlds—and probably the best sound masking system out there too.

Simple, Personalized Controls Make Soft dB Products a Hit

Soft dB systems are unique in that they can hook up to your Wifi or be wired on their own—whatever solution works for your business. Regardless of the route chosen, you’ll work with intuitive, easy-to-use controls that feature sleek looks and create a pleasurable user experience.

In fact, Soft dB offers a “quick course,” to quote the product’s official website, with each installation to ensure optimum control capabilities.

Enjoy Sophisticated and Seamless Controls Via a Smartphone

What’s more simple to use than the smartphone you might be reading this off of? Such tech has permeated our lives thanks to its ease of use and personability. Taking advantage of this, Soft dB products can be used with the brand’s app, making it so that every employee you give access to can control the sound masking system with just a few taps of their fingers. Plus, all the extra features Soft dB products boast—the paging potential, the ability to play background music, and more—also all can be accessed through the app.

No matter what role your system is playing that day, you and your employees will never be without access. You’ll always be able to get the most out of it.

Countless Thoughtful Extras Mean Endless Potential

Need paging capabilities? Want to be able to play music through your sound masking speakers on your office’s “casual Fridays”? Don’t want your system going to work on holidays, when no one is in the office? With Soft dB products, all of those and more are done, done, and done. The brand has equipped its technology with countless useful bonuses that make it a real treat to have around the office.

Soft dB Products Get Results

Just like we talked about in our sound management system blog, good sound masking gets results—it boosts worker productivity, gets a great ROI, and happier clients. Soft dB, thanks to its adaptive volume capabilities, simple controls, and loads of extras, provides just the sort of products that can get those results.

Building Systems Solutions: Your Preferred Sound Masking Installation Pros

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