Tiny white-noise systems are becoming ever more popular in today’s day and age. In fact, they’ve become so widely-used and popular that there are even white-noise systems for dogs available! Many white noise machines allegedly have stress-reducing effects, and many people use them to cope with tumultuous times, care for their mental health, or even to fall asleep each night.


Upon hearing the benefits of white noise machines and comparing them to those of sound masking, one will see they are quite similar. Indeed, sound masking, when used as part of an intelligent sound management system in an employment setting, helps employees to concentrate and decreases workplace stress. Therefore, it’s easy to confuse sound masking and white noise, or even to think they’re the same thing when, in reality, the two concepts are quite different.


Below, Building Systems Solutions, a Blaine provider of office sound masking systems, discusses a few key differences between sound masking systems and white noise systems and how the former is by far the better choice for an office setting.

White Noise and Sound Masking: Similar But Not Identical

As stated above, both systems and concepts have benefits that are alike, but that’s where their similarities end. White noise machines, scientifically speaking, act to muffle sounds by playing additional sound at a wide spectrum of frequencies. Sound masking, on the other hand, is a much more tailored solution. It is designed specifically to muffle human speech and only human speech. This makes it ideal for office settings in which your employees need to hear other auditory cues to do their jobs, such as telephones or message pings.


Additional differences between white noise and sound masking are as follows:


●        Sound masking is more often seen in a workplace setting | While there are many white noise machines available for at-home use (some of which don’t even produce white noise in the scientific sense of the term), sound masking is more frequently seen on a larger scale.

●        Sound masking generally creates a more comfortable environment | Because sound masking only uses the frequencies of sound needed to muffle human speech, many people find it a much more seamless sound management system solution than white noise.

●        Sound masking tends to be less noticeable | Your ears probably will be able to locate a white noise machine, but sound masking systems are designed to be completely invisible, auditorily speaking!

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