An emergency warning system is an integral part of your company's safety system. It enables everything from the safe evacuation of employees and customers in case of a natural disaster to the safe direction of those people during the process.

As crucial as these systems can be, not many people know how they work. Despite the OSHA regulations that govern these systems, and the various standards that these systems must meet, such as ISO standards, the finer workings of the machines that meet these regulations and standards remain a mystery to many outside of the industry.

As experts in sound management, Building Systems Solutions knows emergency warning systems like the back of our hands! As complicated as these systems can be, we firmly believe it’s important for businesses in all industries to know a bit about them for the sake of the safety of their employees.

Let us explain the basic parts of an emergency warning system!

Emergency Warning Systems Are Customizable

Every company makes these machines a little bit differently. Even within the same brand and model, there exist customizable features that make every emergency warning system unique.

So we can’t speak for every emergency warning system in existence when we talk about the way this technology works. However, we can specifically discuss a few features present in our emergency warning systems and what purpose these features serve.


From here, a designated tone or message is activated and broadcast throughout your facility. Some consoles, like the ones we offer, can even be distributed through multiple buildings.

Speaker System

What good is an audio message if nobody can hear it? Our speaker systems play your designated message or sound loud and clear, which motivates your employees and customers to act.

Computer System That Serves as a Control Panel

This system is set up to make system adjustments and to keep an eye on your emergency warning system for problems.

Extra Capabilities

Certain emergency warning systems, like ours, might even support a text-message or radio function. The applications of the technology used in emergency warning systems are nearly limitless!

How Do Emergency Warning Systems Work?

Emergency warning systems work by connecting many people to a single point of contact. In an emergency situation, it’s vital for all employees and building residents to know where to go and how to proceed.

The system acts as a beacon of calm and information to help smooth out potential panic situations. When there is an emergency, a notification can be sent using multi-channel methods, like landlines and cellphones.

In addition, a building might have a siren and strobe light to indicate an emergency.

Integrating Text Messages

Emergency warning systems can even reach people who are away from the building, out to lunch, or working from home by integrating text messages. In today’s digital age, this is a vital part of an emergency warning system.

Computer-aided software ensures that your building has a system to deliver intelligible messages and tones. Systems like those designed by Building Systems Solutions can also deliver messages and tones through two-way radios for people like security officers or building maintenance personnel.

What Happens When the Emergency Is Over?

Your emergency warning system can instruct building residents when they can return to work or whether they are unable to enter the building again.

Who Benefits From an Emergency Warning System?

The short answer is that everyone can benefit from an emergency warning system!

If you work in a building that does not have one, getting one should be on the top of your priority list. Emergency systems are important for all types of industries in all kinds of buildings.

Nearly every building has something that can cause gas leaks, fires, or other problems that require a building evacuation. Keep people safe by installing an emergency warning system.

Curious About Emergency Warning Systems?

Building Systems Solutions would be glad to help you out! We’re a Blaine provider of everything from emergency warning systems to emergency paging systems, and we’d be thrilled to show you what our technology can do for your business.

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