When disaster strikes, your business’s first priority is to keep everyone inside safe. We at Building System Solutions understand this better than almost anyone. After all, our 25 years in the sound management business has taught us a thing or two.


To make sure everyone is safe, you will need a well-trained official to dispense timely emergency protocol, or, better yet, an emergency warning system that will do it for you. However, should you go that route, you’ll need to make sure your sound system is able to broadcast emergency messages intelligibly in the first place.


Getting an emergency system running is a technical and complicated process, but at Building Sound Solutions, we are here to help. Below, we discuss two of the biggest factors we check for when we install emergency sound systems ourselves.

Factor One: Audibility

This might seem like common sense, but that’s why it’s worth mentioning. Any good sound management system checks out as far as audibility is concerned. Audibility is defined as how audible your emergency warning system or emergency paging system is—that is, if your staff and customers can hear it in the first place.


Our products excel in this respect. Innovative programming allows our systems to broadcast any given emergency message either through a single building or through a whole corporation. We’re also able to send both single tones and emergency messages through cell phones and certain types of radios, meaning that crucial communication is audible no matter where your staff is.

Factor Two: Intelligibility

If audibility is how loudly the message is communicated, then intelligibility is how well your staff and customers can understand it. Intelligibility is as important in an emergency warning system as audibility; after all, how are your employees to take protective action if they do not know when or how it should be taken? Clearly enunciated instructions prevent misunderstanding and keep your staff and clients safe. These instructions are especially important in a stressful emergency situation, where judgement can be impaired and a guiding voice is crucial.


To ensure our systems are intelligible in your individual space, Building Systems Solutions tests for everything from ambient noises to reverberations. We care deeply about your staff and customers and strive to ensure our products protect them.

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