The benefits of an emergency warning system seems obvious. Of course, you’d want to protect your employees, clients, and customers in the event of an emergency, right? As an ethical business owner, you want and need to ensure the safety of all those who enter your facility.


That being said, there are plenty of other benefits to an emergency warning system that might not be as obvious to the casual observer. We at Building Systems Solutions would know. We specialize in designing a range of communications systems from general paging applications to multi-faceted, intelligible emergency warning systems. We’ve seen time and time again, the benefits these systems bring to businesses of all types and calibers.


Below, we’ll discuss these benefits. Read on to discover what purpose an emergency notification system for business could serve in your facility, regardless of what industry your business is a part of.

Emergency Paging Systems: More than Meets the Eye

If you’re unaware, the function of an emergency alert system is as follows: in the event of anything from a weather-related emergency to a security or medical issue, the system is initiated to clearly and effectively inform individuals throughout a facility of the appropriate course of action. Emergency warning systems should provide audible and intelligible vocal instructions instead of a siren blare, giving all people in your facility the knowledge they need to initiate the appropriate procedures. Additional messaging components may also be incorporated such as through text or two-way radio.  Visual messaging via TV screen or computer monitor or strobes might also be used.


Aside from that, though, emergency warning systems carry with them quite a few benefits:


●        Updating or adding an emergency warning system will satisfy OSHA Regualtions | For certain facilities and industries, an emergency warning system can be a legal requirement under OSHA regulations. Abiding by the law keeps you and your employees safe and saves you from the potential for expensive fines or penalties.

●        Emergency paging systems can show that you care as an employer | Happy and safe employees are quite a valuable asset. Installing an emergency warning system can serve as a concrete indication that you, as an employer, care about the wellbeing of those working for you by protecting their safety within their workplace.

●        Having a safety plan and incorporating an Emergency paging system can reduce liability | Facilities that have an effective emergency paging system along with an updated and practiced safety plan reduce the risk and liability on their company in the event of an emergency. There may be a potential savings on insurance costs for companies who utilize an effective system with the incorporation of a dedicated safety plan.

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