When you think of who might use an emergency warning system, you might think of factories that work with hazardous materials, or hospitals that are in charge of bringing patients to safety in the event of a natural disaster. If you’re in a corporate or retail setting, you might think that this sort of technology has little use in your specific industry. Won’t a simple intercom system suffice?

Unfortunately, in an emergency, this is hardly ever the case; you need something reliable, clear, and easy to access. Custom emergency alert systems have a much wider market than one might think. Building Systems Solutions, a sound management and speech privacy systems company, defines the scope of emergency warning systems below.

Anyone Can Benefit from a Custom Emergency Alert System

No matter the industry, no matter the size of the company or campus, absolutely any entity can benefit from a custom emergency alert system. From a manufacturing company to college laboratories to shopping centers, the practical applications of solid emergency warning systems for business are endless.

Of course, that’s easy for a sound management company to say; what exactly makes our emergency warning products so widely usable?

They Show you Care

By installing an emergency warning system in your business, you’ll be able to quickly notify customers and employees alike of a potential threat and quickly get them to safety. You show concern for their very lives and take responsibility for their wellbeing while they are on your business’s campus. Is there anything more obvious that you, as a business, can do to show that you care?

They Help With PR

Should an emergency happen, quick evacuation of all customers and employees from your business’s campus is vital for PR purposes, regardless of your industry. After all, there isn’t much else that makes you look as irresponsible as being unprepared! A custom emergency warning system from a PR standpoint is a wise investment for almost any company.

They Save Lives

A worker or customer lost to a disaster is more than just a name reported to the news and more than an obituary listed in the back of the Sunday paper. Each person lost due to a poorly managed emergency is just that: a person. Responsible companies will do their moral duty and protect anyone who sets foot on their campus with a custom emergency warning system.

Specific Fields and Industries Can Also Benefit From Emergency Warning Systems

Our emergency warning systems designs, of course, have specific niches in specific industries. Those wherein safety risks are substantial, even with stringent precautions, have particular use for this technology.

Manufacturing Applications

Anywhere hazardous materials are handled benefits from such a system—and this includes factories. Staff need to know about any spillages and equipment malfunctions so that they can take action and get to safety. An emergency warning system with geofencing technology might be useful in this context. By reaching all the employees in a specific area (IE a specific plant), you can quickly notify those who are at risk without much stress on your end.

Business Applications

‘Business’ is a bit of a vague industry, if it can even be considered an industry at all. We’re referring to fields and situations in which working in large, hard-to-navigate buildings is common, such as in large financial institutions and corporate offices. Though safety precautions are of course plentiful, getting out of these many-floored, often urban buildings and finding a safe place to regroup isn’t ever easy. That’s why these companies should invest in top-notch emergency warning systems; employees need all the time possible to evacuate or otherwise take action, and time cannot be wasted deciphering unintelligible instructions.

To learn more about what makes a good emergency warning system, check out our blog that discusses this subject.

Food Production Applications

Laws surrounding food production and packaging are strict, and for good reason. Without proper protocol, disease outbreaks would run rampant. But employees need to know if there’s a breach in this protocol—IE, a machine malfunction—so the error can quickly be righted and proper disposal and  safety measures can take place. This is especially pertinent to the meat and poultry industries, where improper food handling can quickly and easily contaminate the product.

All Companies that Care Benefit from Building System Solutions’ Products

If you’re looking to install a custom emergency warning system, we commend you; you’re taking a valuable step toward ensuring the ultimate safety of your customers and employees alike. Consider catering to their comfort, too, with a Soft dB sound masking system!

For the most reliable, state-of-the-art emergency warning technology and more, contact Building Systems Solutions of Blaine today at 763-702-1515.