We’ve all been in a situation in our personal lives where we wanted to keep a conversation private. When a conversation must be kept between certain parties in a business context, adequate privacy becomes even more important. In certain industries, client confidentiality is law.

Furthermore, there’s no telling what kinds of trouble your business or clientele could get into, should their personal, protected information be used for nefarious purposes.

For all these reasons, businesses across countless industries, from the medical field to insurance companies to certain universities, have invested in sound masking and proper sound management techniques. At Building Systems Solutions, we are proud of the effectiveness of our sound masking systems, and we’re thrilled with the number of clients whom we’ve been able to help secure privacy.

Regardless of what sort of sound masking products a business chooses to use, our company also offers speech privacy testing services.

If your business has purchased a sound masking system, you might wonder about the purpose of speech privacy testing. Shouldn’t your sound masking system be working well enough to ensure client privacy already?

We have all the answers below!

Speech Privacy Can Be Objectively Measured

At Building Systems Solutions, we use a measuring system called the Speech Transmission Index, otherwise known as STI, to assign a numerical value to how well speech can be understood in any given place in your business.

Through clear, concrete numbers, we can tell you not just an opinion about how well your sound masking system is working or how private speech is in any given area; We can give you nonnegotiable facts.

How Is Speech Privacy Measured?

Speech privacy testing is the method to measure speech transmission quality. It’s a complex science that involves measuring some physical characteristics of a room and expresses the channel’s ability to carry across a speech signal.

The results of a speech privacy test are expressed on an incremental scale of 0 to 1, with 0 being bad quality and 1 being excellent.

What Are Speech Privacy Testing Methods?

The Speech Transmissions Index (STI) is measured by analyzing how a signal is passed through an acoustic environment.

The STI is then calculated through specialized measurements and post processing equipment.

What Does Objectively Measured Speech Mean?

Objectively measuring speech privacy levels has many benefits. It can put your nerves at ease, for one. Knowing for a fact that your sound masking system is working soothes any anxieties you, as a business owner, might have about getting into legal trouble.

Secondly, you’re showing your employees and customers that you truly care. By investing in speech privacy testing, you demonstrate that you want to be absolutely sure they are safe, protected, and respected when they walk through your business’s doors – not just “sort of” sure, but the kind of sure that’s backed up by concrete data and facts.

We offer our speech privacy measuring service to any business concerned with the ability to provide adequate protection to their clientele. You don’t need to have purchased Soft dB sound masking products from us (though we certainly recommend it).

What Are the Benefits of Speech Privacy?

Considering the benefits of speech privacy can improve many aspects of your business’s space. Employees and clients will be glad to know that their conversations are not carried throughout a space, and that their conversation can be kept private.

Minimizing the levels of sound coming from a conversation can also help reduce the amount of distraction that conversation causes. This can help employees focus better while working, because they won’t be listening to another conversation just around the corner.

Who Needs Speech Privacy?

There are many industries and spaces that can benefit from sound masking to improve speech privacy.

Some examples include:

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Government buildings
  • Call centers
  • Office buildings

Typically, any space that deals with sensitive information needs better speech privacy. Not only does it help keep a client’s information secure, but it helps give your clients peace of mind that you care immensely about their security.

Why Choose Building Systems Solutions?

The experts at Building Systems Solutions have over 20 years of experience helping clients with privacy concerns and sound masking. We have built a reputation around our quality products and the level of service we provide to our clients.

We bring integrity, honesty, and value to every interaction we have with our clients, and we ensure that the system we design is best suited to your needs.

We have many satisfied clients in many different industries, which proves our experience and knowledge.

We’re Here to Help, No Matter Your Business’s Privacy Requirements

Concerned about your business’s privacy? Want to make sure your sound masking system is working properly? You won’t have the latter question if you buy with Building Systems Solutions! Regardless, we’re always here to help any conscientious business improve its client privacy.

Give our office a call today at 763-502-1515 to schedule a speech privacy test.