With a greater number of people working remotely and others still abstaining from unnecessary errands, you might expect businesses around Minnesota to be quieter than ever. It’s only common sense, right? Fewer people around means less noise, which means less need for sound masking systems.

While that’s a sensible train of thought, take it from a sound masking company: The opposite is actually happening.

The COVID-19 pandemic created workspace situations in which proper sound management is essential for worker wellbeing and productivity.

Now more than ever, your business, regardless of industry, needs to prioritize implementing such technology.

Some Spaces Are Noisier Because of COVID Precautions

With offices still struggling to bring their employees back to work, employees are working staggered schedules. Even though this may seem like there’s less noise, there are more empty cubicle spaces and desks that reflect sound around the office.

The plastic shields installed in places like banks, offices, and grocery store checkout lanes, for example, can also reflect sound, making a normally manageable space a major headache. Customers and employees have to speak louder to get their voices through these panels.

Sound masking can help create a better environment for your employees by creating a soothing sound to cover their conversations and the conversations happening around them. Invest in sound masking and ensure the long-term comfort of workers and customers alike, no matter what the future throws at you.

Less People in the Office Doesn’t Equal More Quiet

When your office was full, normal conversations were covered by the sounds of other conversations and regular office noise. However, many offices are only boasting a small percentage of people who have returned to the office.

Sound masking stops conversations from carrying through a relatively empty office. If you have fewer workers in-house right now, their private conversations will carry. In fact, they’ll probably be even more audible in the relative quiet!

Keep private matters private with sound management systems, no matter how many or few people there are around to hear.

Stress Affects Worker Productivity

Sound masking boosts worker productivity – something your businesses might be struggling with right now due to added stress. While you can’t ease all of your employees’ concerns about the pandemic, team members who are given a quiet, relaxing place to work are certainly happier than ones who aren’t.

Employees who have been used to working from home are now accustomed to a private space for them to focus on their work without typical office distractions. When they return to work, they’re going to expect that their office environment will be suitable for focused work.

Stress can increase when an employee is unable to work because of noise around them, which is where sound masking can come in handy. It allows employees to focus on their work instead of everyone else.

Employees who are returning to work are also experiencing even more stress. According to the American Psychological Association’s 2021 survey, about half of U.S. adults say their stress level is so high that even making basic decisions seems impossible.

Help your employees ease into working in the office with sound masking. The relaxing atmosphere created by sound masking can help them adjust better than a noisy office environment.

Enhancing Employee Comfort Shows You Care

Though we’re all trying hard to keep going with our lives as normal, the fact of the matter is that disease on this large of a scale is stressful. Taking constant precautions to keep oneself safe plus the unending news updates can weigh on even the most resilient among us.

As a caring employer, you no doubt want to ensure the relaxation and comfort of your employees, and you can create that comfort with sound masking products. A workspace full of peace and quiet, away from the constant global anxiety, can do their mental state a world of good.

Sound masking systems can also help your company power ahead through the uncertain future we all face.

Install a Sound Management System With Expert Assistance

If your team is working from home or has reduced hours, now’s the ideal time to invest in their continued comfort and efficiency. Building Systems Solutions, an applauded Blaine sound masking company, is your ideal sound management partner.

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