You’re beginning to look into an office sound masking system for your building and, frankly, you’ve run into some concerns. Can adding more noise, even to drown out distractions, really help everyone focus? Is the masking of sound comfortable? Moreover, if you or your staff hold a confidential meeting with a client, can you trust that your sound masking technology will work to protect you from privacy breaches?


The answer to all these questions is simple: yes. Read on and put your sound-masking doubts to rest.

Yes, Sound Masking is Comfortable and Reduces Distractions

Lots of people associate office sound masking systems with white noise—that is, noise that cuts through and overtakes what’s going on in the background. Even though some types of sound masking do not use white noise, the association between the two can put some people off. Why is this?


Well, scientifically speaking, white noise is composed of all frequencies of sound put together. True white noise, therefore, sounds a bit like monotonous hissing. When viewed in this context, it’s no wonder that some businesses have doubts about sound masking! After all, what employee would be able to get anything done with a haywire TV blaring full-blast in the background?


However, as stated above, the association between sound masking and white noise is not entirely warranted. At Business Systems Solutions, our sound-masking technology uses a different spectrum of sound, which is designed to be inconspicuous yet also to make outside conversations difficult to understand. When your workers are free from the temptation to eavesdrop, they can settle in and feel comfortable and focused on their tasks.

Yes, Sound Masking is Great for Privacy Concerns

For businesses that are subject to privacy laws, such as HIPAA or the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, sound masking is one of the most economical ways to ensure client privacy. Because well-done sound masking makes conversations within a 15-foot radius unintelligible in open spaces, legally-bound businesses can relax, knowing their clients are protected.


In fact, many of our clients are firms that are subject to either HIPAA or GLBA, including:


โ—        St. Joseph’s Hospital

โ—        Minneapolis Plastic Surgery

โ—        Blue cross of Minnesota

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