Is your office too loud, or are you concerned about your customers’ privacy? Sound masking can be a perfect solution for reducing noise and making your environment more comfortable for your employees and customers.

Like an emergency warning system, many industries can benefit from sound masking, whether for privacy or noise reduction. At Building Systems Solutions, we’re here to show you which industries can benefit the most from sound masking.

What Is Sound Masking?

Sound masking involves adding ambient background sound to an office or other space to mask or reduce noise distractions. This ambient noise is also helpful in protecting private conversations and can create a more comfortable environment.

Sound masking does not cancel out noise; It is made up of a sound emitted through speakers in the space that is engineered to match the frequencies of human speech.

Sound masking noise fades into the background and is more comfortable for people to hear than white noise.

Which Industries Benefit Most From Sound Masking?

Some industries benefit from sound masking better than others. Depending on the noise levels and types of conversations, sound masking can help maintain privacy and focus.

So, which industries can benefit from sound masking?

Financial & Law Services

Financial companies, retail banking, and law services require privacy and security, which makes it a perfect industry for sound masking.

By incorporating sound masking, conversations between bankers, insurers, lawyers, and their clients will not carry so far that they could be overheard by someone else passing by. This can make your customers feel more secure that no one is overhearing their sensitive information.

Government Offices

Government offices can have hundreds to thousands of employees working side-by-side, which can create a general cacophony of noise. Sound masking can improve this noise, particularly if the space is open-plan and collaborative.

Some government offices may also be working with sensitive information, which sound masking can help protect.

Public Libraries

Libraries strive to be quiet spaces for people to read and work. Although there is an etiquette for talking in a library, sound can still travel and cause distractions for others. Sometimes, even straight silence can be a distraction.

Sound masking helps create a more comfortable environment by filling the silence and reducing general noise.

Call Centers

Call centers, by nature, are very loud, busy spaces. Many conversations happen at the same time, and depending on the industry, they can also include sensitive information.

Sound masking can improve the call quality for both the customer and the agent by reducing background noise.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare providers must be HIPPA compliant, meaning sound masking is perfect for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Sound masking can make it harder for others to overhear a patient’s information and help patients sleep better while recovering.


Sound masking in hotels helps to create a more soothing environment for guests, allowing them to sleep better and feel more relaxed. It can help reduce the noise from other rooms and allow for a good night’s sleep.

Commercial Offices

Open office configurations for commercial offices became popular several years ago, and this type of office still remains popular today. One drawback of open offices is the noise level.

Implementing sound masking in an open office can help minimize the noise level from one end of the office to the other. People’s voices tend to carry, and a sound masking system can adjust to compensate for louder conversations.

Research & Development Labs

If your industry has many labs for research or development, a sound masking system can help reduce noise the level of noise to focus, maintain confidentiality, and create a better environment for that kind of focused work.

Some sound-related development also needs a quiet room for the researcher or developer to do their job.

Retail Spaces

Large or small, sound masking can benefit retail spaces by making a more comfortable shopping environment. It can also help reduce conversations from carrying when discussing credit cards and reduce the impact of customer conversations.

Data Centers

Data centers that house confidential and sensitive information must be quiet for security and monitoring purposes. Sound masking can help a security guard or employee notice any failing equipment or unauthorized access.

Improve the Ambiance at Your Business With Sound Masking

Are you ready to have Building Systems Solutions provide you with the best sound masking options? Our sound systems address safety, communication, and privacy for many industries, no matter the size. Contact us today to discuss your sound masking options and receive a quote.

Finding the right sound masking company can be a challenge, as some may try to sell you a white noise machine and call it a day. However, a sound masking company like Building Systems Solutions takes your needs into consideration and carefully designs a sound masking solution that fits your office or space. And if you ever have any questions about sound masking, feel free to reach out to us.

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