If your business is investing in new sound management technology, it’s time to get excited—increased worker productivity and comfort is something to celebrate, after all! Plus, with attentive and personalized service from Building System Solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your sound management system will contend with the best of the best.


Indeed, our staff will spare no effort to make sure your sound masking system is everything you hoped it to be and more. That being said, there are a few preparatory questions you can ask yourself before our first consultation to speed along the process; for your benefit, we discuss them below.

What Are My Facility's Problem Areas?

Is there a space that employees avoid because it’s just too noisy there to get anything done? Are there rooms wherein you have urgent and pertinent privacy problems? Jot them down in a list somewhere and bring them to your first appointment to make sure all your concerns are covered.


Though our team is as thorough and detail-oriented as they come, it saves valuable time if we know where to focus our efforts to cater to your satisfaction. We want to leave you completely happy with your sound management, and we love it when our clients share the same goal!

What’s My Budget?

Sound masking more than pays for itself in the boosted productivity and profits you’ll receive after its installation. That being said, just like with any renovation, there is an upfront cost, and it’s helpful to have your price point on hand before consultation begins.


We at Building Systems Solutions strive to create the pinnacle of excellent speech privacy no matter the limitations—so instead of asking “how much does a sound management system cost,” it’s better to ask “what am I willing to pay?”


If you want specifics, though, sound masking systems can run anywhere from a dollar to three dollars per square foot.

What Legal Responsibility Will Sound Masking Help Me Uphold?

Speech privacy from a legal standpoint is of great concern in financial institutions and healthcare buildings. While any properly installed sound masking system will reduce the intelligibility of speech from across the room, you may want to understand what’s required of your building in terms of HIPAA standards, the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, or any other applicable regulation to get the most out of your installation.

Building Systems Solutions: Your Supportive Partners in Sound Masking

No matter what your business hopes to get out of advanced sound management, we’ll make it happen. Give our Blaine office a call today at 763-502-1515.