Money: it’s a common concern these days for businesses everywhere. In the wake of a public health crisis, many have been forced to tighten their belts and make do with what they have. Others are frantically constructing plans to get them out of such a situation; perhaps they’re investing money in new infrastructure or more employees to try and set their business apart from other floundering ones. Either way: times are tough!


That being said, where does this leave your sound masking dreams? You know all about the benefits of this sound management technology for your business, either by doing your independent research or reading our handy blog post about the pros of sound management systems. Certainly, though, you reason that such revolutionary and useful technology must break the bank. Now that a tight budget is a survival tool, though, you might have resigned yourself to putting your dreams of a more comfortable, more productive workspace behind.


While that line of thinking might hold true when you work with other businesses, Building Systems Solutions works hard to be different.

Understand How Building Systems Solutions Strives to Make Sound Masking Systems Cost-Effective

You need a sound masking system that’s efficient and does everything you need it to—nothing more, nothing less. After all, you don’t want to pay for features that you’ll never use. By defining your sound masking needs, our attentive and straightforward staff will break down exactly what efficiency means for you, which eliminates unnecessary items, streamlines things where possible, and, in the end, saves you money.


Understanding and working with your needs to save you money when it comes to sound masking is a multifaceted objective. Here’s a snapshot of how we handle it:


●        We design a custom system made for you | All buildings are different, and all businesses are different. Our talented professionals create sound management solutions tailored to your space and your employee and client requirements. No need to pay for a sound masking system that doesn’t do its job!

●        We operate with honesty | We’ll tell you straight up if we aren’t the right company to satisfy your business’s unique needs. Stringing you along is a big waste of your time—and we all know time is money.

●        We see ourselves as supporters of your goals | If one of those goals is using sound masking to save money, we’re behind you 100%. Your business’s success is our business’s success.

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