It would seem obvious that emergency paging systems would make a workplace safer, as something that sometimes has to deal with OSHA regulations would do. But what do these devices do during an emergency that makes them such an effective safety tool? 

Sure, they alert and motivate evacuation. But what is the behavioral result besides the obvious making for the exits or acting as prompted?

Building System Solutions, your provider of sound masking systems and emergency warning and paging systems, has a few of the answers below. We’ll share just how our work can impact the behavior of employees and customers in a crisis and how their emergency benefits are far more comprehensive than they may appear at first glance.

How Emergency Paging Systems Work

When your building is equipped with a robust emergency paging system, you will have several things that happen in the event of an emergency, managed by a building manager or security officer. 

  1. An audible message over the PA system will alert employees to evacuate or take shelter. 
  2. Flashing strobe lights will help get the attention of those with hearing impairments.
  3. An email notification or phone call will be pushed to the employees’ phones, alerting them to the emergency message. This should include instructions on what to do. 

Persons inside the building should follow the instructions and either evacuate or take shelter in case of a storm. Exit signs, evacuation route maps, and “take shelter” areas will be vitally important here. 

Human Responsibilities

Someone (or several people) has to be in charge of managing the emergency evacuation or take shelter event. 

Their responsibilities should include: 

  • Walking their areas to ensure no one is left behind
  • Taking attendance to ensure everyone is where they need to be
  • Communicating instructions
  • Keeping everyone quiet and calm

After an Emergency

An emergency paging system can alert the building occupants that the building is now clear to reenter or that it is safe to go back to their desks. 

This can be in the form of a loud tone over a speaker, push notifications on phones, security guards, or through the emergency coordinator. 

Encourage everyone to remain calm and orderly as they return to their offices. 

Benefits of Emergency Notification Systems

Every business, large and small, should have some form of emergency notification system. These systems help people be safe and alive in the event of an emergency.

 Here are some of the top benefits of emergency notification systems.

Keep People Calm

When properly programmed, emergency notification systems act as a beacon of calm during a crisis, providing clear, consistent instructions on where to go and how to behave. 

In a high-adrenaline and risky situation, such instructions can give employees and workers alike something sturdy to latch onto. This facilitates a swift and orderly evacuation, should one need to occur. 

Customers and employees can follow your predetermined action plan and achieve it thanks to your emergency warning. Such calm and clear instructions also allow for a conscientious evacuation wherein fewer accidental injuries or tramplings occur.

Allow for Comprehensive Action

Everyone in your company has different evacuation needs. A group stationed on the top floor, for example, will need different instructions from one that is near the bottom. 

A person in a wheelchair must know where the nearest elevators are should evacuation be required. In some cases, such as a fire, elevators cannot be used. A special evacuation chair for stairs can be used to help those living with disabilities, and they need trained buddies to help them.

With a personalized approach via our custom emergency alert systems, you can ensure everyone in your building can mobilize and act accordingly in any situation.

Orderly Emergency Aftermath

When everyone follows a predetermined plan in an emergency situation, they’ll all end up in predictable locations, which means that everything from medical care to making sure everyone is accounted for is easy. 

When the unexpected happens, your emergency sound management system will mean that you’re more than adequately prepared.

What Industries Can Benefit From Emergency Warning Systems?

There is no limit to the types of businesses and environments that can benefit from an emergency warning system. 

Some of these include: 

  • Manufacturing & Warehousing
  • Retail Stores & Centers
  • Corporate Offices
  • Food Production
  • College Campuses & Educational Institutions
  • Apartment Complexes/Multi-Family Housing

Building System Solutions: For Your Emergency Warning Systems

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