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OSHA Employee Warning System Regulations

Some facilities must satisfy Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards that require employers to install employee alarm systems. Building Systems Solutions can custom design an employee warning system for your facility that covers the entire building, ensuring that all employees are protected and that you are in full compliance with OSHA standards.

OSHA requires that Emergency Warning Systems:

  • Can be heard above ambient noise levels.
  • Have a distinctive and recognizable signal used only in emergencies.
  • Give emergency messages priority over non-emergency communications if the emergency warning system is integrated with a paging system.
  • Be tested every two months for reliability and adequacy.
  • Are supervised, if applicable, and alert personnel if a defect exists in the system.

Building Systems Solutions will test the ambient noise levels in your office space and use the data to build a custom employee warning system that complies with OSHA standards and shows due diligence in providing for your employees’ safety.

For more information on the OSHA Employee Warning Systems Regulations please visit these pages on the OSHA website:

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OSHA Employee Warning System Regulations

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