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New Product Release: SmartSMS-NET Sound Masking System


Building Systems Solutions is excited to announce the release of Soft dB’s new SmartSMS-NET Sound Masking System to our customers. The SmartSMS-Net system introduces a new line of networkable sound masking controllers that are wirelessly controlled and provide versatile coverage, easy expansion capabilities and advanced monitoring and control features.

The SmartSMS-Net Sound Masking System takes all of the features from the SMS-AMP Controllers such as Automatic Calibration, Automatic Level Control with System Sensors, paging and music capabilities and calendar functions and places it in a compact unit that saves on rack space. The Smart SMS-Net System’s zone configuration is smaller as well to allow for more precise control and adjustment in both open and closed office zones.  The SmartSMS-Net controllers are configured with 4 channels and can house up to 6 speakers per channel.

The SmartSMS-Net System is designed and operated with software that provides a “live view” of all the system components in each zone and can be equalized and configured independently on a per-channel basis. The paging and music inputs are also equalized separately with independent volume adjustment on a per-channel basis.

Using a wireless network configured specifically to the SmartSMS-Net controllers, this system can be operated on a touch screen tablet or pc which provides easy accessibility to system modifications.

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