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Emergency Warning System Intelligibility Testing

Providing intelligible communication to employees during an emergency situation saves lives and reduces risk for a company.  How do you know for certain that your staff is able to hear and understand the emergency warnings?

Building Systems Solutions provides voice intelligibility testing services to determine if your emergency messages are intelligible for all staff within a facility. We can evaluate your current emergency warning system to make sure all devices are operating correctly, messages are intelligible and all areas within a facility are covered adequately.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all employers develop and implement Employee Emergency Response Plans that include an emergency alarm system. Studies have shown that systems that utilize voice instructions as an alarm signal are more effective at disseminating emergency information than systems that use a siren.

International Standard ISO 7731 requires that the alarm signal be above 15 dB to eliminate interference from background noise, but also notes that an alarm that reaches 30 dB within half a second can startle employees and should be avoided.

A voice intelligibility test conducted by Building Systems Solutions identifies your space’s compliance with ISO, ASTM and ANSI standards. Building Systems Solutions will use the results to design and install a customized emergency warning system , or upgrade an existing system, that will ensure the safety of all your employees and meet these codes.

To receive more information on our Intelligibility Testing services for Emergency Warning Systems or to book a testing please contact us