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Designing Emergency Warning Paging Systems

The ability to quickly and clearly inform staff and visitors of an emergency is critical to ensuring the safety and security of all individuals within your facility. Intelligible announcements delivered through an emergency warning system inform staff of the emergency situation and instructs them to calmly follow the proper procedures for that situation.

Our custom-designed emergency warning systems are engineered for your facility’s unique needs and are guaranteed to meet national and international codes regarding intelligibility, keeping your employees and customers informed and safe.


The experts at Building Systems Solutions have over 25 years of experience designing customized emergency warning systems for corporate clients as well as industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our emergency warning systems go beyond the typical siren and strobe light alarms to deliver clear, intelligible voice instructions.

All our systems are engineered using only the highest-performing components and are specifically designed to work in each facility’s unique environment and meet the OSHA and NFPA intelligibility standards.


Our cutting-edge technology allows emergency warning systems to function both on-campus and off-site:

1. Our systems can be supervised and monitored over existing computer networks.

2. Emergency messages and signals can be distributed corporate-wide or to a single facility.

3. Single or multiple workstations can receive notifications of any failures within systems.

4. Computer-aided design software ensures that each building has a system that can deliver intelligible messages and tones throughout a facility or facilities and meets the latest safety codes.

5. Our systems can deliver messages and tones via two-way radios and cell phones, ensuring that employees are notified of emergency conditions through multiple communication systems wherever they are located on campus.

To receive more information on our Intelligibility Testing services for Emergency Warning Systems or to book a testing please contact us