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Soft dB CMS Controller


Soft dB CMS Sound Masking Controller
Soft dB CMS Sound Masking Controller

In some facilities, it is not necessary to have multiple channels or ambient noise sensors. A basic Sound Masking Controller is all that is needed for these facilities. The CMS is the perfect and economical solution.

Soft dB’s CMS units are a complete sound masking system that is simple, easy to use and very competitively priced. The CMS has an integrated 25-watt amplifier which is able to supply up to 25 sound masking loudspeakers, including 8-ohm, 25-volt or 70-volt speakers.

The system can generate a suitable masking spectrum in almost any office, health care facility, call center, etc. The CMS is incredibly versatile and can be used with both regular plenum loudspeakers and surface-mounted loudspeakers in areas with drywall ceiling.

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