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12 Reasons you need Sound Masking in your office space this Holiday Season

12 reasons you need sound masking

You may have some or all 12 of these people in your office space. Heck, you may be one of them! Our compiled list of office personalities should be reason enough to check out Sound Masking this Holiday season.

1. The Big Mouth
He’s loud and he’s proud – all the way across the entire office.

2. The Blower
Cover your ears! The boss is sick with a cold and the elephant sound coming from his office may make you feel like you’re at the zoo.

3. The Cat Video Lady
A new cat video?! Sure, why not? Unless I’m trying to work!

4. The Know It (OUT-LOUD) All
Wow, your stocks just gained 5% and you’ve exceeded your sales goals for the month! Good for you! I’m so glad I can hear you talk about your greatness.

5. The Hyena.
You’re not always sure if it’s a laugh or an animal noise, but the high pitched shrill is unavoidable even 3 cubicles away.

6. The Talk-To-Themselves
Wait what did your cube neighbor just say? Was she talking to you? Why is she making no sense? Is she crazy?

7. The Cruncher
Nom, Nom, Crunch, Crunch, Crunch.

8. The Work Avoider
Hi Mom, dad, sister, brother, uncle, and anyone else who will take my personal phone calls so I don’t have to work.

9. The Gossiper
You don’t say? Sheila and Bobby down in Marketing went on a date at Applebees and they ordered the exact same thing!! I soooo needed to hear that.

10. The TMI’er (Too. Much. Information.)
Whoa, you have a contagious hand fungus and you don’t like to wash your hands. Ahhhh!

11. The Hard of Hearing
“Wait, what did you say? Speak Louder Please? I’m not yelling at you, this is how I talk!”

12. The Music Man
You were solo king in your college choir and you’re a regular at the Karaoke bar. You must be a great singer! But I swear to God, if I have to hear you hum or sing “Let It Go” one more time I will steal your stapler!

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